Swell Gold Label Pond Sealer

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Swell Gold Label Pond Sealer is great for securing pieces of pond liner together, ensuring you don't lose large volumes of water through the middle of your pond.


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Product Information

Taking care of all of your pond liner sealent needs, in one versatile bottle of Pond or Aquarium Sealant. Presented with outstanding value for money, this multi purpose sealant is ideal for component joint adhesive.

The sealant is a black sealant that is specially designed to adhere to rubber pond liners or patches. It is also ideal for sealing bottom drains, tank connectors, pipe inlets and surface skimmers.

Presented to you as a Swell own brand, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality sealant material, at an outstanding price.

Product Specification

Product Size Guarantee
Swell Gold Label Pond Aquarium Sealer 290ml N/A

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