Blagdon Inpond All In One 6000 litres

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A filter, pump, UV Clarifier and lighting system all in on, this Blagdon Inpond All In One is a complete in-pond solution wrapped together to make for easier pond water management.


  • In-pond All In One 6000
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Product Information

The Blagdon Inpond All-In-One 6000 includes a top quality pump, filter and clarifier and can run both a fountain and waterfall. Suitable for small and entry level ponds, this combination unit gives you a clean, clear pond.

The filtration system comprises of mechanical and biological media to remove bacteria and particles of dirt and debris. Additionally, the 9 watt UV clarifier guarantees the water is algae free, so you can be reassured that your pond is at its best all year round.

The low voltage pump can simultaneously and efficiently power one of the four fountain jets included and a water feature.

An automatic LED spot light is an added bonus. Both cost and energy effective, the LED senses when light is fading or increasing and works to suit. Included in the set is a blackout cover should you wish for continuous illumination.

The kit comes complete with 20 and 30cm telescopic extension pipe and three interchangeable hosetails (1", ¾" and ½")

Blagdon Inpond All-In-One filters come with a 2 year guarantee.

Technical Information:


  • Max pond size without fish: 3000 litres
  • Max flow rate: 1500 litres
  • Max head: 1.3 metres (4'2" feet)
  • 12 volt low voltage
  • IP68 weatherproof transformer
  • 10 metres of low voltage cable
  • 26.5 watt
  • Recommended hose size 19mm


  • Photo sensor activated
  • 0.76 watts


  • UV Lamp: 9 watts PLS
  • 10 metres of cable
  • 230 volts / 50 Hz
  • IPX7

Key Features:

  • Pump, filter and UV clarifier.
  • Perfect for powering a fountain and/or waterfall.
  • Four fountain jet attachments.
  • The unit features automatic night time LED spot light.
  • Mechanical and biological filter media.
  • Adjustable fountain extension and ball joint flow control adjuster.
  • 2 year guarantee.

Click here for spare filter pads.

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