Blagdon Replacement Polymer Wool Filter Pads

For a crystal clear and healthy pond

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  • Replacement polymer wool filter pads for Blagdon Inpond units
  • Clears cloudy water rapidly
  • Pack of six
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The Polymer Wool Filter Pads from Blagdon are compatible with a variety of Blagdon pond filters suitable for very small ponds. The wool material traps all manner of small fibres, waste and grime that may have escaped the coarser filter pads.

The water flows back into the pond much cleaner, clearer and polished for the very best results. Cloudy water is eradicated too, so treatments and residue are retained. Use a carbon media too to rid the water of any taints or odours.

These compact pads can be washed multiple times before they need to be replaced.

6 pads included.

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