Blagdon Inpond Ceramic Filter Media

Keep your Blagdon pump and filter in working order with this filter media

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  • Biological ceramic filter media with large surface area
  • Includes four mesh bags
  • Designed for the Blagdon All In One pumps
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Blagdon Ceramic Biological Filter Media is an ideal biological media thanks to a large surface area that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and holes which allow for good water flow.

The bacterial colonies consume the waste toxins such as nitrite and ammonia and quickly turn them into much less harmful nitrate. This media is made from kiln-fired ceramic which is a popular media material thanks to the ability for large quantities of bacteria growth. As the water flows through the holes of the media, oxygen to passes through, essential to healthy formations.

The holes also ensure maximum exposure to the water, and as such provide a much more thorough performance and a cleaner pond.

The media is supplied in a handy mesh bag, four bags in total are provided. These bags of media can simply be used in any Blagdon InPond pump and filter system. They can also be used in almost any filter system.

Includes four mesh bags. Simply add media and insert it into the bio media section of your filter.

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