Eheim Ecco Filter Media

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Eheim Ecco Filter Media is made to quickly fit Ecco Filters, replacing the worn out filter media to ensure your tank water is always at it's best.


  • ECCO Wool pads x3
    code: 2616315 In stock Only 2 left in stock
  • ECCO Coarse foam pads x3
    code: 2616310 In stock Only 2 left in stock
  • ECCO Carbon filter pads x3
    code: 2628310 In stock Only 3 left in stock

Product Information

Eheim Ecco Filter Media is available from Swell UK at a reduced price.

A range of external replacement filter media for the Ecco Pro External Filters. Each type is available separately so you can buy just what you need or all types together.

Key Features:

Eheim Ecco Filter Pad (wool pad x 3):

  • Phenol-free.
  • Fine filter pad for mechanical filtration.

Eheim Ecco Coarse Foam Filter Pad (x 3):

  • Reusable, washable.
  • Phenol Free.

Eheim Ecco Activated Carbon Foam Pad (x 3):

  • pH-neutral.
  • Adsorbent to dissolved harmful substances.

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