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Prices dropped in our January Sale + Get up to £15 extra OFF! - SEE CODE >

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Help and advice on shopping for: Media Sets

Everything you need in one place

Media sets are handy kits put together by manufacturers containing everything you need to run their filter. We stock media sets from many top aquarium brands including BiOrb, Eheim and Fluval.

What is a media set?

A media set contains all of the filter media you need for a specific model of filter pump. Often the sets also contain chemical treatments to counteract the chemicals found in tap water or to support biological filtration colonies.

Why should I buy a media set?

If your pump is supported by a compatible media set it's the best purchase you can make as the media will be specially selected to offer peak performance with that pump. We advise buying two of a media set at least so you can swap one out when the other needs to be cleaned.

What are the main types of media sets?

Media sets are split out by their compatibility. Each media set is only compatible with a specific type of filter or tank. In a few cases, multiple sets can be used on the same system to remove different types of waste, debris and contaminants.

What should I look for?

Double-check that your filter pump is compatible with the media set you're looking at to protect yourself from disappointment. Past compatibility, there's nothing else to worry about as the media set will be tailored to work with your pump.