Sicce Shark Pro Media

Excellent replacement filter media for the Sicce Shark Pro Internal filter range

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  • Replacement filter media for the Sicce Shark Pro filter range
  • Additional modules for increased filtration
  • Keeps your aquarium clean and clear
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What is Sicce Shark Pro Media?

The Sicce Shark Pro media is replacement filter media for the Sicce Shark Pro Internal filter range. They include additional modules to increase the biological and mechanical filtration or any replacement foams or cartridges that you would need for your filter system.

  • Additional module with x3 foams - Foams for mechanical and biological filtration along with an additional module
  • Replacement foams - Foams for biological and mechanical filtration
  • Zerophos cartridge and foam - Helps get rid of phosphate
  • Biopearl cartridge and foam - Breaks down waste
  • Carbon cartridge and foam - Helps keep to water clean

What are the benefits of this filter media?

The additional modules allows you to have increase levels of filtration in your tank and the foams have 2 different density levels for mechanical and biological filtration, rinse the foams in the aquarium water once a month or as needed and make sure to replace them one at a time when they are worn to ensure that the good bacteria will be kept in the system.

The Zerophos filter media will remove phosphate within 48 hours and then will maintain it in the aquarium water in the correct concentration.

The Biopearl filter media preserves the beneficial bacteria to biologically break down the waste through the nitrogen cycle.

The Active Carbon filter media will remove any foul smells or tannins which will help your aquarium maintain its pH and allows your tank to be clean and have crystal clear water so you will have the best viewing experience of your fish.

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