Sicce Shark Pro Internal Filter

A very effective filter with a high filtration volume

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  • Integrated oxygenation system
  • Submersible
  • Adjustable water flow valve
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What is the Sicce Shark Pro Internal Filter?
The Sicce Shark Pro Internal filter is a very effective and fast working internal filter with a high filtration volume that will guarantee your aquarium water will be crystal clear. It features a modular design with a magnetic connecting system that allows you to connect more modules to increase filtration.

Key Features:

  • High filtration volume
  • Uses a versatile combination of chemical, biological and mechanical media
  • Provides three flow options
  • Fully submersible

What are the benefits of this filter?
This filter is a very flexible and modular design allowing you to add or remove modules based on your needs and it can also be used horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.
The filter features a magnetic mount that allows you to attach it to glass of up to half an inch thick.
The Sicce Shark Pro Internal Filter also features a magnetic quick uncoupling system which allows you to remove any of the individual modules for easier maintenance.

The filter comes with three flow options, which are:

  • Uni-directional flow
  • Integrated spray bar
  • Oxygen enrichment with Venturi


Product Shark Pro 500 Shark Pro 700 Shark Pro 700
Max Flow 530lph 720lph 908lph
Power 4W 7W 10W
Aquarium Size Up to 140l Up to 200l Up to 260l
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