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  • High-performance filter for small and medium aquariums
  • Controlled via Ciano companion app
  • A range of sizes to suit different aquariums
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The CF Filter is a high performance internal filter that has easy installation and ensures that your required maintenance in reduced through the effective and efficient service it provides. This comes in three sizes to suit your aquarium size, and is optimised to reduce fish stress and ensure your aquarium is a stable and happy environment.

The CF20 Filter is equipped with an easy to use flow regulator, which along with it's size makes it ideal for Betta fish, giving you control over the flow and making it suitable for their set up. It comes equipped with the Water Clear blue filtration cartridge, as well as a filter foam, and is perfect for aquariums up to around 20l.

The CF40 is a larger model, that includes a spray bar for more effective water distribution, as well as increasing oxygen levels. This is best for aquarium of 20 - 40l in size, and comes in a compact size to ensure it doesn't take up much space within the aquarium itself.

The CF80 is the largest model, and also includes a spray bar, as well as the Water Clear blue cartridge and filter foam, though can be used with any of the media cartridges to suit your circumstances including the Stop Algae red cartilage, or Bio-Bact green cartridge, for all round filtration. Suitable for aquarium from 40 - 80l.

As with all the Ciano range, these are designed to be effective and easy, with simple cartridge replacement with no messing around for cleaning. If you sign up with the Ciano App, it even reminds you when you need to replace each cartridge!

Model CF20 CF40 CF80
Aquarium Size 5L - 20L 20L - 40L 40L - 80L
Dimensions 3.5 x 5.5 10cm 3.5 x 5.5 x 14cm 4.3 x 6.2 x 18.5cm
Weight 0.23kg 0.25kg 0.41kg
Media Size Small Small Medium
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