Aqua One Glass Fish Tank Heater

A high-quality basic aquarium heater

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  • Glass heater designed for Aqua One aquariums
  • Easy to use, safe and efficient heater
  • A wide variety of sizes to suit all aquariums
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The Aqua One Glass Heaters are designed to be completely submerged, and come equipped with a double insulation for optimum safety and efficiency. There is an easy-to-read thermometer on the front to show the temperature of the aquarium water, with a simple adjustable dial to set the temperature you require.

This features an automatic shut off and on light, so you know when the unit is actively heating, and when its turned off.

Product Aquarium size Height Wattage Cable length
25w Up to 25l 18.5cm 25W 1.8m
55w Up to 55l 18.5cm 55W 1.8m
100w Up to 100l 20cm 100W 1.8m
150w Up to 150l 20.5cm 150W 1.8m
200w Up to 200l 27.50cm 200W 1.8m
300w Up to 300l 33cm 300W 1.8m
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