Hozelock Solar Fountain Pump

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Hozelock Solar Fountain Pump is a solar powered fountain and water feature pump, saving you money on your electricity bill while ensuring your garden looks great in the sun.


  • Solar Fountain Pump
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Product Information

Saving energy and money whilst still having a gorgeous looking water feature is possible with Hozelock's Solar Fountain Pump.

It needs no wires or electricity, it simply soaks up the sun's rays and powers a strong water pump to create an impressive 1.1 metre high fountain. It can handle a flow rate of 300 litres per hour, making this an ideal pump for smaller ponds.

The solar panel can be placed next to the pond using the included spike, this means you can pop it in just the right place to catch the maximum amount of photon energy. The unit also includes a battery for back up support, so your pond is always covered.

If you're looking for another variation of solar powered pump, take a look at the Hozelock Cyprio Solar Floating Lily Fountain. This unique feature floats on the surface of the pond, still using solar energy, but without any external kit.

Key Features:

  • Can handle 300 litres per hour
  • Max head 1.1m high
  • Solar Panel and spike for easy installation
  • Pump
  • Fountain head
  • Battery back up
  • 5m cable length

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