Interpet Freeze Dried Bloodworm

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Interpet Freeze Dried Bloodworm is a safe, nutritious and incredibily tasty treat for your fist, featuring high protein levels to help develop growth. A relatively natural food, it is simply made up of bloodworm, a naturally abundant food in the wild.


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Product Information

Interpet's Freeze Dried Bloodworm is a nutritious and tasty freeze dried treat for your fish.

It has been gamma irradiated to ensure that the food is completely pathogen free before being freeze dried. This means that the food is as disease free as possible and will not contaminate your tank.

High in protein, minerals and other essential elements, blood worm are a great supplement for your fish. Use 2-3 times a week to boost health and vitality.

It is suitable for cold water, tropical and marine fish.

Available in 4g and 20g packs.



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