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Interpet Freeze Dried Tubifex 5g-30g

Provide your fish with quality, convenient freeze-dried foods

At a glance...
  • Convenient freeze-dried fish food
  • High in protein fish food for a balanced and healthy diet
  • Ideal treat for all types of fish
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Interpet Freeze Dried Tubifex is the ideal treat for all types of fish; marine, tropical and cold water.

Tubifex worms make a tasty, delicious treat for fish. The worms contain proteins, vitamins and minerals which are locked in during the freeze drying process.

The worms are treated first by gamma rays, which removes all traces of contaminants and ensures that the food is pathogen free. They are also free of bacteria and parasites.

Give this as a treat on top of a good, balanced diet for healthy fish.

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