Swell Juwel Jumbo Filter Media

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This Swell Foam set are designed to be replacements for foams such as Juwel Jumbo.


  • Jumbo Wool 5pk Sale
    code: SWLA0057 In stock Less than 10 in stock
  • Jumbo Carbon 2pk Sale
    code: SWLA0058 In stock Only 2 left in stock
  • Jumbo Fine 1pk Sale
    code: SWLA0059 In stock More than 10 in stock
  • Jumbo Coarse 1pk Sale
    code: SWLA0060 In stock More than 10 in stock
  • Jumbo Nitrate 1pk Sale
    code: SWLA0061 In stock Only 3 left in stock

Product Information

Swell replacement foams are perfectly compatible with Juwel Jumbo Foams, for the Bioflow 8.0 filter.

The Swell range allows you to buy whichever foams you need to replace including filter wool, filter carbon, coarse, fine and nitrate. All work to the same, if not better standard as the Juwel media to eradicate all manner of pollutants and debris.

The filter media is made from top quality materials and will provide perfect filtration and a long service life. Simply rinse out in aquarium water to clean, using water from the tank helps retain the useful bacteria.

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