Swell Juwel Standard Filter Media

Foams to remove debris, dirt and grime

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  • Single packaged filter media foams
  • Comaptible with Juwel's filter range
  • Filter wool, filter carbon, coarse, fine and nitrate foams available
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Swell branded filter media foams are comaptible with Juwel's filter range, namely the Bioflow 6.0.

  • Coarse-to remove larger particles of debris and waste
  • Fine -filters out smaller pieces of dirt and sediment
  • Nitrate (Green)-removes algae causing nutrients
  • Wool (5 pack)- polishes the water, leaving it crystal clear
  • Carbon (2 pack)- removes taints, odours & residues.

These foams are made to the same high quality as the brand names, but because they are part of Swell's own brand range offer great savings on price, without compromising quality.

Packaged singly, unless otherwise stated.

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