Swell Juwel Compact Filter Media

Foams compatible with Juwel Compact Foams for the Bioflow 3.0

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  • Replacement filter media foams
  • Compatible with Juwel Compact Foams
  • Filter wool, filter carbon, coarse, fine and nitrate foams available
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What is Swell Juwel Compact Filter Media?

Swell replacement foams are filter media that are perfectly compatible with the Juwel Compact Foams for the Bioflow 3.0 compact filter. Our range is designed to match the Juwel filter media range, including the Juwel Compact Fine Sponge, the Poly Pad, the Carbon Sponge and Nitrax, at a lower price than the branded filter media.

All of our media will remove waste, debris, and pollutants as well as lower the risk of algae respectively in your Juwel aquarium.

What filters is this media compatible with?

All of the filter media in this range have been designed to act as new filter media to replace old media within Juwel filters from the Bioflow 3.0 filter range. Our filter media will fit into the Bioflow 3.0 range and work correctly, producing crystal clear water, without any alteration.

What is the difference between the products in this range?

This range is made up of five different filter pads which each offer many benefits:

  • Compact Filter Wool 5 pack - This media is designed to replace the Poly Pad media and serves as a polisher, catching the largest pieces of aquarium debris.
  • Compact Filter Carbon 2 pack - This media replaces the Carbon Sponge media and absorbs odours, as well as some chemical compounds.
  • Compact Fine 1 pack - A replacement for the Fine Sponges, this media supports biological filtration colonies.
  • Compact Coarse 1 pack - Replacing the Coarse Sponge, this media is used for both mechanical filtration and biological filtration.
  • Compact Nitrate 1 pack - A replacement for the Nitrax foam, this media breaks down ammonium/nitrite compounds which can be hazardous to fish and other marine life.


Brand Swell
Suitable for Bioflow 3.0 compact filter


Product SKU Pack Size Media Type
Compact Filter Wool 5pack SWLA0047 5 pack Wool
Compact Filter Carbon 2pack SWLA0048 2 pack Carbon
Compact Fine 1pack SWLA0049 1 pack Fine
Compact Coarse 1pack SWLA0050 1 pack Coarse
Compact Nitrate 1pack SWLA0051 1 pack Nitrate
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