Juwel Carbax

Highly effective granulated active charcoal filter media

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  • Activated carbon filter media
  • Capable of absorbing nasty odours and discolourants
  • 3 sizes available
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Juwel Carbax is a super-effective granulated active charcoal filter media, and is sold by Swell UK at an excellent price.

It is superbly absorbent, long lasting and able to quickly remove odours, discolorations and unwanted toxic substances from your aquarium water, keeping it healthy and clear.

Each purchase should last a long time, and comes with a filter sock, but choosing the right size for your filter is important:

Carbax Medium: fits Compact, Compact H, Compact Super, Bioflow super and the Bioflow 3.0 unit

Carbox Large: fits Standard, Standard H and Bioflow 6.0

Carbax XL: Fits Bioflow 8.0 and the Jumbo filter

If your water quality is beginning to test badly for contaminants and beginning to shows the signs of high-toxin levels, buy some Carbax from Swell UK today.

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