Aqua One Crumbling Underwater Tower

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  • Aquarium decoration made from non-toxic resin
  • A fantastic addition to a themed aquarium
  • Safe for aquatic life


  • Crumbling Underwater Tower
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Product Information

What are the features of the Aqua One Crumbling Underwater Tower?

The Crumbling Underwater Tower aquarium decoration makes a fantastic focal point for a fantasy or historic ruin themed fresh or coldwater fish tank. Made from non-toxic polyresin, it features hollow castle towers offering the perfect hiding places for smaller fish as well as other holes to allow them to swim through. This Crumbling Tower ornament is a classic decoration for aquariums that adds character and structure to a fish tank. Castle ruin aquarium decorations aren't just beautiful; they add structure and hiding places for shy, nocturnal, and territorial fish.

Is there anything else I need to complete my aquarium theme?

With a fish tank, you can really express your own sense of style and creativity. We offer a variety of aquarium decor that can be paired with the Crumbling Tower ornament to add character to your aquarium. Your enchanting underwater fantasy world can also be enhanced by great lighting and colourful aquarium gravel. It is even possible to create a magical ancient aquascape by planting some aquarium plants or artificial plants around your castle.

How do I clean an aquarium ornament?

Aqua one's large comprehensive range of aquarium decorations offer long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. It's always best to remove Aqua One aquarium ornaments from your tank to clean them. This can be done during one of your regular water changes to limit the disturbance to fish. The Aqua One Crumbling Tower ornament is easy to clean, just remove it from your aquarium and wipe it down with aquarium water. We recommend using a soft brush for those stubborn bits of algae.


Dimensions 14 x 12.5 x 22.5cm
Aquarium compatibility Coldwater and freshwater tropical
Colour Multi

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