AquaEl Nano Reef Duo 49L

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The Nano Reef Duo set is an excellent choice for keeping corals, shrimp, small echinoderms, nano reef fish, and small marine fish. Its maintenance is very easy and requires minimal effort.


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Product Information

The Nano Reef Duo is ideal for beginners, coming as a plug-and-play set up, with everything you need to get started. The set includes a 49-litre cube-like nano reef fish tank, a stylish glass cover which features a special cut-out for installing a cascade filter. The cover is equipped with a smart open system (when lifted, the glass stays in a vertical position, fixed to the rear wall of the tank). In addition, the set includes a special mat to protect the bottom of the nano aquarium.

The advanced Leddy Slim Duo Marine & Actinic double LED lamp is also included in this set. This lamp not only creates a unique decorative effect but also allows for big savings due to low energy consumption and to the fact that there is no need for frequent replacement. The lamp contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 10 W. Half of them are marine LEDs, emitting a strong white light with the colour temperature of 10000K, which provides excellent conditions for the growth of corals. The other half are actinic LEDs, emitting a blue actinic light, which enhances the natural colours of marine animals. The lights come together to give an excellent ambience to the nano aquarium and accentuate the beauty of the fish inside. You'll be amazed by how good the fish and corals will look.

The high-capacity Versamax-3 cascade filter, mounted on the rear wall of the nano aquarium, purifies the water and keeps it in motion. The filter allows for smooth performance adjustment, so that the intensity of water movement can be adjusted to the needs of a particular nano reef fish tank. This ensures the water inside the nano aquarium is always high-quality and the fish have an excellent environment to live and grow.

ProductTank SizeDimensionLightingFilterWattage
Nano Reef Duo 49L49L35x35x40cmLeddy Slim Due (Marine/ActinicVersamax-3 cascade10w

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