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Aquarium Systems A la Carte Purple Seaweed

Freshwater and marine fish food made from edible vegetation

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At a glance...
  • Edible vegetation for fresh and saltwater fish
  • Perfect for grazers and African Cichlids
  • Features high levels of protein and vitamins
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A la Carte Purple Seaweed is the perfect food for salt and fresh water algae grazers and African Cichlids. Made from the best ingredients it can be served as a whole food or a treat.

The strips can be soaked in aquarium water, a liquid feed or simply fed dry into the tank.

This food has a good level of protein and is low fat so that your fish receive the right amount of food without gaining unnecessary weight. Multivitamins are added, as well as vital trace elements to boost fish overall health and vitality.

Directions for use: For a 150 litre aquarium, break a 7cm piece in half. Attach to the A la Carte Food Clip and attach to the side of your aquarium. Remove any uneaten food after a couple of hours.



Protein: 30%, Fat: 3.03%, Fibre: 32.9%, Moisture: 10%

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