Marine Aquarium Fish Food

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Marine Fish Food Help and Advice

Essential nutrition for marine fish tanks

Marine aquariums are a beautiful spectacle that can house saltwater fish as well as beautiful live rock and coral. At Swell UK we carry a range of marine fish food that will provide all of the necessary ingredients to kick-start the growth and health of fish. Find top brands like Ocean Nutrition, Hikari and Vitalis.

What is marine fish food?

Marine fish food provides the proper nutrition your saltwater fish will need for a healthy diet. This food comes in flake or pellet form and gives fish a more balanced vitamin-enriched diet.

Why should I buy marine fish food?

At Swell UK you can find a selection of fish food to keep your marine fish happy and healthy. There's everything from flakes and pellets to crisps and granules. Not only can marine fish food benefit the fish in your tank, but it can also help improve the health of your corals, encouraging growth and thriving colour.

What are the main types of marine fish food?

We have a range of foods and supplements to make the most of your marine life. Supplements can improve the quality of your corals and create a vibrant glow, such as the Red Sea Reef Colours which includes iodine, potassium and iron to improve various colours within your fish tank. Tetra Marine Flakes are great for species that prefer to feed on the surface, they feature a tasty and nutritious blend of natural ingredients to give marine fish species the kind of dietary balance they need to thrive in your saltwater aquarium.

What features should you look out for when buying marine fish food?

The ideal marine fish food should mimic the food that your fish would eat in their natural environment as closely as possible. The food you feed your fish will be a major factor in their overall health and vitality, and the more varied the food is, the better. You may need to target feed any fish with specific diets, such as obligate carnivores or herbivores who are not interested in the general diet. Sessile invertebrates, such as corals will need food too.