Hikari Tropical Marine A

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Hikari Tropical Marine A is a specially formulated fish food designed to promote the naturally vibrant colours of marine fish, while still providing strong nutrition


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Product Information

Hikari Tropical Marine A is the ideal food to boost colours in your marine fish.

These particular pellets are great for larger fish (of around 10cm or more) as each pellet measures approximately 3.5-4.0mm in size.

The food is packed with essential proteins such as Spirulina for healthy growth and rapid growth. Vitamin C is also added to promote a strong immunity against stress and diseases. Essential Fatty Acids are also included to boost overall vitality and health.

As the pellets sink through the water, they become sponge like and reduce little waste. They are very easy to digest, which means that all of the nutrients are absorbed by your fish, with little waste by-products.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times per day - feed just as much as your fish will eat in a couple of minutes. Remove excess food to avoid water pollution.

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