Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed

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Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed helps grazing fish feed more naturally, picked at this tasty and nutritious natural fish food, available from Swell Uk at the best prices.


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Product Information

Ocean Nutrition Brown Marine Algae is a nutritious algae food for grazing fish such as Angelfish, Cichlids, and Livebearers.

The strips can be used as an everyday food or as a treat. It's also a great food to use as a holiday food used with the A la Carte Food Clip.

Packed with protein rich algae, the delicious strips encourage fish to graze and will promote the very best health and growth. With added vitamin C to boost the immune system, the food is ideal to aid stress resistance. Garlic extract is also added to support resistance to disease and to encourage fussy fish to feed.

The food is easy for fish to digest, and therefore produces little waste. However, it is advisable to remove any loose uneaten food after 6 hours to avoid water pollution.

Feeding Instructions:

2 by 3" piece is ideal for community aquarium of 200 litres.

The Brown Marine Algae is suitable for:

  • Marine Tangs,
  • Angels,
  • Wrasses,
  • Damsels
  • Butterfly Fish.

Ingredients: 100% Dried Seaweeds, 100% Digestible and rich in vitamin C.

50 sheet bulk pack, each sheet approx. 20cm x 20cm. Approximate total weight per pack 180 grams.

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    Date 15/08/2021 08:08am
    Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed 50pk
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    All of my fish love this seaweed so buying in bulk makes sense and this is the best price I have found anywhere
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    Date 25/06/2019 09:06am
    Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed
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    Great to be able to buy in bulk.
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    Date 26/08/2018 09:08am
    Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed
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    Tang's love it highly recommended.
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    Date 06/10/2016 20:10pm
    Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed BOGOF
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    great weed at a great price
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    Date 19/01/2015 18:01pm
    Ocean Nutrition Brown Seaweed
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