Maintenance Tools

Maintenance tools help and advice

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We sell a full range of maintenance tools to help you with every aspect of pond keeping. Our complete range is durable and made to a high standard, featuring brands like Hozelock and Oase.

What are maintenance tools?

Maintenance tools cover a wide variety of products including buckets, pond gloves and blanketweed brushes. Each tool is designed for a specific pond keeping task.

Why should I buy a maintenance tool?

Each maintenance tool is designed to make the upkeep and maintenance of your pond easier. Some of the tools are essential, like pond gloves, while others are designed to combat a specific pond problem, like a blanketweed brush.

What are the main types of maintenance tools?

We stock a wide range of maintenance tools, including blanketweed brushes, pond gloves and buckets. Each is pretty distinct from the rest of the range however, in some cases we stock several types of the same tool with different features, durability or guarantee. With all these tools combined, you'll have everything you'll need to clean, maintain and improve your pond.

What features should you look out for when buying maintenance tools?

Focus on what you will need to do to maintain your pond, there's no point in buying a maintenance tool you're not going to use. Ensure that you have absolutely everything you'll need for every pond maintenance task.