Seachem Reef Phytoplankton

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Seachem Reef Phytoplankton is a coral reef food that can be added to your aquarium, featuring a rich blend of natural amino acids, vitamins and everything else your coral needs to feed on and grow, bringing out stunning colours and aquatic displays - a real must for people who are big on their corals.


  • Reef Phytoplankton 250ml
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Product Information

Seachem Reef Phytoplankton is made up of both brown and green plankton that are rich in nutrients, amino acids and vitamins. It contains carotenoids that are full of natural proteins and promote improved pigmentation. Tiny in size at just 1 - 20 microns, this food is perfect for tropical marine life and filter feeders. These miniscule plankton ensure that the amount of nutrients in the water are easily absorbed by corals for beautiful growth and colour vibrancy. Corals also thrive as they absorb the nutrients easily, for a healthy skeleton and beautiful colours.

Key Features:

  • Rich in brown and green plankton
  • Contains nutrients, amino acids and vitamins
  • Promotes natural pigmentation for improved colours
  • Great for all life forms including corals


5ml for 190L, twice weekly to maintain healthy corals

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    Date 14/08/2019 08:08am
    Seachem Reef Phytoplankton 500ml
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    Excellent product. Use twice a week in my reef tank.
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    Date 23/06/2019 08:06am
    Seachem Reef Phytoplankton 250ml
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    Corals really do love this
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    Date 19/01/2018 04:01am
    Seachem Reef Phytoplankton 500ml
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    Another superb product from Seachem, been using this for years and it has never let me down.... reliable product.
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    Date 14/11/2014 16:11pm
    Seachem Reef Phytoplankton 500ml
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