Swell 7 Watt PLS UV Bulb

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This Swell Uk 7 Watt PLS UV Bulb is the perfect replacement for your UVC bulb which after 6 months will have deminished output, meaning that it will be far less effective than when it was new. Grab a new one here at the best prices.


  • 7w PLS UVC Bulb, 1 plus 1 free
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Product Information

At Swell UK we have a range of own brand products that compare more than favourably with market leaders in both quality and performance. Our 7 watt PLS UV replacement Bulbs/Tubes are no exception.

By using the UV light to treat algae and pathogens in the water, cloudy or green water problems can be resolved. The pond water becomes clear and provides the ideal habitat for fish and other pond inhabitants.

We use only the highest materials in our replacement bulbs,which means a long life and less maintenance for you. Plus, if you buy one we give you another aboslutely free, so you save on both money and time!

Product Information

  • Swell 7w PLS Bulbs are a single ended, twin tube with two pins at one end.
  • High UV output allows for greater algae control.
  • Can be used on:Oase, Blagdon, Fish Mate, Hozelock, Aqua Medic UV's and any other UV device that requires PLS UV Bulbs.
  • Buy one get one free!

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