Swell In Pond Filter 2500 Media

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Replacement Filter media for the Swell In Pond Filter 2500, ensuriung you can keep your pond in the very best condition.


  • In Pond Filter 2500 Media
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Product Information

The Swell In Pond Filter media is suitable for use with the Inpond 2500 model, and also fits the old style of the Oase Filtral 2500/3000 as well.

This set of media includes the replacement foam sponges, meaning your pond is able to delivery clear and clean water through mechanical filtration, as well as providing optimum living conditions for good bacteria as well. These need replacing regularly to ensure continuous capacity of your filter system, ensuring dirt isn't able to build up.

The filter pebbles in the net bag and the bio surface elements offer a suitable settling surface for micro-organisms which help to break down the algae and other biological elements in your pond that cloud the water and poison your fish.

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