Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe 12000 & 7500 Filter Pump

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Product Information

The Swell Pressurised Deluxe Pond Filters are designed to be continuously run by your pond pump helping to maintain perfect water quality and clarity for you and your pond. Water is fed directly from your pond pump into the top of the pressure system making it easier to disguise around the pond. The filter can be positioned anywhere in the garden and can even be buried in the ground. The water is then forced through the filter sponges that polish the water ensuring great clarity and healthy water. The built in cleaning indicator and simple maintenance makes this system ideal for the hobbyist pond enthusiast.

The Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe can easily be cleaned by manually removing the head and washing through the foams. Once done you are able to wash through the foams and divert this excess dirty water away from your pond using the separate cleaning outlet function. This model has a unique feature that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned by using a small float, which pops-out of the head of the unit when required.

The pump supplied with this kit is the Swell Filter pump 7500, which delivers the correct amount of water to the filter to ensure the filter works at its best. They feature an extremely efficient motor, requiring (for example) only 40 watts to achieve 2500 litres per hour of flow - far better than many pumps currently on the market, and every Swell Filter pump is rated to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and include a stepped hose-tail for connection to your pond hose and an easy-access strainer cage for ease of maintenance

Key Features:

  • Low energy usage
  • Biological and Mechanical Media
  • Internal filter foam cleaning mechanism
  • Re-usable Foams
  • Can be buried so its out of sight
  • Strainer cage for ease of maintainence

ProductPond SizeMax LPHMax Head HeightInlet and OutletDimensionsUV BulbCableGuarantee
Filter 12,000L (No Fish)
6,000L (With Fish)
3,000L (With Koi)
N/AN/A25mm, 32mm & 38mm54 x 38 x 47cm18w PLLUV Cable 5m1 Year
PumpN/A7,500LPH2.80m25mm, 32mm & 38mm20 x 15 x 11 cmN/A10m3 Years

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