Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe 17000 & 10500 Filter Pump Deluxe

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The Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe 17000 & 10500 Filter Pump Deluxe are the idea partners for setting up your pond and making sure you maintain excellent clean, healthy water.


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Product Information

The Swell filter and pump deluxe kit 17000 Is designed to make light work of cleansing the water in your pond. The water passes in front of the Ultra Violet light and all algae cells are clumped together for removal. Foam filter media then removes these clumps, plus other particles of waste and debris from the water. Biological media promotes the growth of bacterial colonies which break down and consume nitrates and other elements which can cause major water issues.

This filter can easily be cleaned by manually removing the head and washing through the foams. Once done you are able to wash through the foams and divert this excess dirty water away from your pond using the separate cleaning outlet function. This model has a unique feature that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned by using a small float, which pops out of the head of the unit when required

The pump included is the Swell 10500 Filter Pump and is of course to the usual high standards expected of Swell's own products and requires minimal maintenance due to its large strainer cage, that allows debris up to 8mm to be taken up to the filter box. It's also very efficient, making fish keeping affordable.

Key Features:

  • Low energy usage.
  • Biological and Mechanical Media.
  • Internal filter foam cleaning mechanism.
  • Re-usable Foams.
  • Can be buried so its out of sight.
  • Strainer cage for ease of maintenance.
Product Pond Size Max LPH Max Head Height Inlet and Outlet Dimensions UV Bulb Cable Guarantee
Filter 17,000L (No Fish)
8,500L (With Fish)
4,250L (With Koi)
N/A N/A 25mm, 32mm & 38mm 54 x 38 x 58cm 24w PLL UV Cable 5m 1 Year
Pump N/A 10,500 LPH 3m 25mm - 40mm L:22cm x W:28cm x H:16cm N/A 10m 3 Years

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    Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe 17000 & 10500 Filter Pump
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