AquaHydrotech Ltd Mud Muncher

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You can help clear your toxic pond sludge with Aquahydrotech Mud Muncher. Sludge appears as a natural product of your pond life, but if levels get to high, they can dangerous. Use Mud Muncher to help break it down so your filter can remove it for good. A natural water treatment, it comes at a great price from Swell UK.


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Product Information

AquaHydrotech Mud Muncher has been designed to breakdown sludge via a garden pond filter, or simply added to the water.

Fish waste, plant debris and other detritus can build up to cause a layer of toxic sludge that can affect water quality and as such fish and plant health

A special mixture of fast acting pond bacteria formulated to breakdown the unwanted mud and sludge on pond bottoms and in pond filters. Regular use of this product throughout the summer and autumn months can decrease the need to clean out the pond during winter, helping to maintain a good water quality and healthy fish stocks.

As it contains no synthetic chemicals it is safe for pond and garden wildlife and children too. However we do advise keeping all pond treatments away from young children.

We advise dosing twice a week in pond systems with a UV clarifier.


  • 50 mls per 4,500 litres (1000 gallons) per week in autumn
  • 20 mls per 4,500 litres (1000 gallons) every 2 weeks in spring/summer

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
AquaHydrotech Ltd Mud Muncher 250ml Approx. 500gal 250ml
AquaHydrotech Ltd Mud Muncher 1ltr Approx. 1000gal 1ltr
AquaHydrotech Ltd Mud Muncher 2.5 Ltrs Approx. 5000gal 2.5ltr
AquaHydrotech Ltd Mud Muncher 5ltr Approx. 10000gal 5ltr

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