Hozelock Cascade Pond Pumps

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Perfect for features in your pond, these Hozeloc Cascade Pond Pumps can be used as fountains, waterfalls and can even run filters too! Versatile, they are priced cheap at Swell UK.


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Product Information

Hozelock Cascade Pond Pumps are great to use to run filters, waterfalls and fountains alike, depending on the model.  With a range of flow rates and a host of features, they make a great addition to any pond - making them a popular choice among many pond keepers.

For the optimum performance each pump has a multi blade impellor which is both powerful and durable. Coupled with the efficient motor, the whole pump runs smoothly and quickly. This cuts down on running costs, saving you money.

The Cascade range is also low maintenance, due to the anti-clog housing that strains away excess sludge, debris and foam. This protects the working s of the pump and cuts down on the amount of cleaning needed. When cleaning is finally required, tool free access and quick release hose connection keeps this nice and simple.

A telescopic extension pole allows you to extend the fountain height to your requirements and is topped with a ball joint for precise adjustment of the fountain head.

The larger 1500 and 4000 models can be used to support more than one function, be it fountain, waterfall or filter. The smaller units offer simply a fountain feature due to the lower flow rate. Each come complete with a set of three fountain heads for a unique look.

Key Features:

  • The cascade range can be used to run fountains (all pumps), waterfalls, filters and ornaments (1500 and 4000) - see the specification sheet for information about which pump to use
  • Uses a multi blade impellor and OMC motor design which provides unparalleled performance with low running costs
  • Comes complete with strainer free filter cage, multi-use T-piece and fountain jets.
  • Complete with 10 metre cable.

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Max LPH Size Max Head Wattage
Hozelock Cascade 450 Pond Pump 3 year 450lph 100 x 45 x 57mm (approx, without attachments) 1m 10w
Hozelock Cascade 700 Pond Pump 3 year 700lph 140 x 87 x 70mm (approx, without attachments) 1.2m 13w
Hozelock Cascade 1500 Pond Pump 3 year 1500lph 180 x 120 x110mm (approx, without attachments) 1.8m 33w
Hozelock Cascade 4000 Pond Pump 3 year 4000lph 180 x 120 x110mm (approx, without attachments) 2.3m 44w

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