Aqua One Breeding Pipes

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  • Decorative breeding pipes for aquariums
  • Easily removed to move into a fry-only tank
  • Come in two different sizes to suit all fish


  • Breeding Pipes Small
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Product Information

A stylish, safe and secret hideaway for your egglaying fish

What are Aqua One Breeding Pipes?

Aqua One Breeding Pipes are decorative pipes that encourage breeding behaviours. Pregnant female fish will instinctively use Aqua One breeding pipes to lay as they make fantastic hideaways. If you have a tank with predatory fish, you can easily remove the granite effect caves once the eggs have been laid and transfer them to a fry-only tank.

These pipes look great in any tank and come in both a small and medium size to appeal to most fish. In fact, many fish, such as cichlids, will just enjoy the pipes as a cool safe space without the breeding aspect present so they can be aquarium decoration, breeding cave and safe hideaway all in one.

Why should I buy Aqua One Breeding Pipes?

If you're trying to breed egglaying fish you must give them plenty of hides and shelters to lay in. These spaces encourage breeding behaviour and reduce stress. Aqua One breeding pipes are better than a standard shelter, however, as they can be easily removed with the eggs inside them, which makes them easy to take out of your aquarium and place within a fry-only tank. It's worth pointing out that the pipes look fantastic as well, with a marble effect that can look like a lighter grey or darker grey depending on how your aquarium lights catch it.

Do these pipes come with any Aqua One spare parts?

No, each pipe comes pre-assembled and does not require any Aqua One spare parts. The sturdy resin aquarium decoration/breeding cave design cannot malfunction and does not require spare parts as it has no moving parts.

How do I use Breeding Pipes in my aquarium?

Simply clean the breeding pipes and place them within your aquarium, leaving them for your fish to discover. Check the pipes occasionally for eggs. When eggs are present you can remove the pipes and transfer them to a fry-only tank if there are predators in your main aquarium, then care for them as you would with any other fish eggs.


Material Resin


Product Dimensions
Breeding Pipes (S) 8 x 8 x 7cm
Breeding Pipes (L) 12 x 10 x 12cm

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