Marina Floating 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery

Provide a safe place for live-bearing fish to give birth

At a glance...
  • Floating breeding and Fry hatchery
  • Made from a clear, tough plastic
  • Isolation chamber/betta display
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The Marina Floating 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery provides your aquarium with a convenient maternity unit and nursery.

With space for two pregnant fish, the Hatchery will safely house the fish. A separate compartment underneath will collect the fry as they fall through and shelter them until they are large enough to enter the tank safely.

All of the Hatchery is made from a clear, tough plastic, so that you can see all of the fish clearly.

This unit can also be used to house sick or wounded fish too, or even aggressive fish that must be kept apart from the aquarium community.

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