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Get 10% OFF Swell own brand products with code: EASTERSWELL >

Interpet Plastic Plant and Ornament Cleaner

Keep your pond ornaments and plastic plants looking their best

At a glance...
  • Cleaning solution for plastic plants and pond ornaments
  • Prevents algae entering your aquarium
  • Removes staining from waste and other chemical treatments
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Plastic plants and ornaments will inevitably start to get dirty and have a build up of algae over time, which can sometimes be a pain to scrub off. Using a plastic plant cleaner makes this easier, just soak your ornaments and plants in the solution to help to restore them.

Use as needed, as part of your regular maintenance programme, when unsightly algae and stains build up on plastic plants and ornaments. Simply remove the stained items and soak them in the cleaning solution.

Always remove decor from the aquarium and clean in a bucket or bowl. Never put this product in the aquarium.

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