Aqua One LifeStyle 94

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The Aqua One LifeStyle is the successor to the AquaStyle Aquarium, and has all the same features that made this a best-selling tank, but updated with a more modern design to suit almost any home.


  • LifeStyle 94 Aquarium with Black Gloss Cabinet
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Product Information

The LifeStyle 94 comes complete as aquarium and stand, and offers your 94l volume but with a compact footprint, instead offering a taller style tank to utilise space as best as possible. The total measurements of the aquarium are 60cm x 33cm x 57cm, plus the height of the cabinet brings the total to 134cm.

The Aquarium itself comes in a slimline stylish design, with rounded corners for a complete view without any silicone getting in the way. It features touch control LED lighting, with RGB, white and blue LEDs all incorporated into the hood itself. The filtration is also built in already, with a space saving trickle filter along the top, ensuring maximum space is available within the tank itself.

This doesn't include a heater, and would be suitable for coldwater or temperate species as it is, or you can add a 100w heater to use for tropical fish!

The aquarium has a high gloss black finish, and the matching cabinet comes in black with moon grey features, meaning it will easily suit almost any home. This a little big? They do this in 3 smaller sizes too!

Key Features:

  • Slimline design aquarium to make the most of space available
  • Rounded corners for optimum viewing
  • Modern design with flush black/moon grey cabinet
  • 94l Aquarium volume
  • LED lighting built in
  • Trickle Filter installed for optimum space saving
  • Aquarium Size - 60cm x 33cm x 57cm
  • Cabinet Size - 60cm x 33cm x 77cm

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