Aquarium Systems SeaTest - Ammonia Test Kit NH4

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Aquarium Systems have used their knowledge to create Seatest Ammonia test kits, containing approximately 40 tests for the presence of NH4, or ammonia, in your aquarium. Testing the water allows you to take prompt action before levels get too high.


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Product Information

The SeaTest Ammonia Test Kit contains approximately 40 tests for the presence of NH4, or ammonium compounds, in your aquarium.

Ammonia and ammonium is generated through the breakdown of fish food and fish waste, and is usually converted efficiently to nitrites and then nitrates by the nitrifying bacteria in your aquarium and filter.

However a build up of ammonia due to a heavy fish stock, poor filtration or maintenance can lead to fish stress, illness and even death.

Test the water regularly to ensure ammonia levels remain around 0ppm. Use a suitable Ammonia Remover treatment to eradicate the problem.

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