Artificial Rocks and Cliffs

Artificial rocks and cliffs help and advice

Stimulate your fish and amaze your guests

Artificial rocks and cliffs can be great additions to your fish tank, brightening them up and adding a little bit of extra character. At Swell UK we offer a wide range of artificial rocks and cliffs from top brands like Zoo Med, Pennplax and Aqua One.

What are artificial rocks and cliffs?

Artificial rocks and cliffs are sculpted stones, ceramics and more that have been styled to look like elegant rocks and impressive cliffs. Most fish love having places to explore in their search for the perfect hiding place, so you can send them on a little adventure with a few pieces of aquarium rock. With holes, gaps and crevices there's plenty to keep them busy and your tank looking good.

Why should I buy artificial rocks and cliffs?

Artificial rocks are perfect for aquascaping, stimulate your fish and give your tank more texture. Some artificial rocks also offer a range of fringe benefits, like altering the pH of your water or obscuring pieces of aquarium hardware like aerators or filters.

What are the main types of rocks and cliffs?

The biggest divide in the rocks and cliffs range is between the models that are sculpted to look more natural and those that are sculpted to look more synthetic. The natural rocks are often made from some type of natural stone, which can have additional properties (such as an effect on the overall pH of the tank). Synthetic rock is normally made of plastic, ceramic or some other substance that is generally unreactive. There are also a few rocks that are very porous and able to float, these rocks can create floating islands.

What should I look for?

Be sure to check how the rock you're buying will affect your water, in some cases, a rock can be a natural choice to help balance some water qualities but in others, it can tip the water quality towards being dangerous for your fish. You can keep your water quality balanced with our range of water treatment kits.