Aquascaping Help and Advice

All you need to maintain your aquarium plants

Aquascaping is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing display of hardscape including rocks, woods, substrates and, often plants. Behind the scenic arrangement, a lot of thought should go into maintaining your plants. At Swell UK we carry a range of tools from Fluval, JBL and Aqua One to help keep your tank and plants tidy.

What is aquascaping?

Aquascaping involves the planting, maintaining and tidying of your freshwater planted aquarium and hardscape. This can be a time consuming, and very detailed task, which takes dedication and focus. There's a wide choice of tools to help you hardscape, meaning you can plant, trim and keep on top of the plants in your tank.

Why might I buy tools for aquascaping?

Freshwater aquascaping requires more than an aesthetic touch. Keeping the plants healthy is a must for your underwater garden to thrive. We recommend trimming plants, this ensures no leaves will float about and ruin your beautiful oasis.

What are the main types of tools for aquascaping?

Our aquascaping tools can be used for a variety of tasks in your tank. Fluval Curve Scissors are specifically designed to simplify the pruning of smaller foreground plants. They are ergonomic, with a long-neck design which makes them more comfortable to use. Plant Weights do exactly what they say - weigh your plant down, which means it can have a chance to root properly and stabilise itself, ensuring good long term health.