Light Units

Aquarium light units help and advice

Easy-to-install aquarium lighting

Aquarium lighting units (sometimes called luminaires) are a simple and easy solution for adding illumination to an aquarium. Each aquarium light unit set comes with everything you need to affix your light to your tank and get it running. Our range of aquarium light units includes top brands like Aqua One, AquaEL and Juwel.

What are aquarium light units?

Aquarium light units are self-contained lighting units designed to be attached to your aquarium and run independently. Our range is mostly made up of LED lights, however, such lights have been fluorescent bulbs in the past. Most models can be installed on both a tank with or without a canopy.

Why should I buy aquarium light units?

If you want to add a light to your aquarium, whether that's your first light or an additional one, an aquarium light unit tends to be the easiest way to do so as they require almost no set-up or technical knowledge. The LED lights are also much cheaper to run than fluorescent bulbs so you can keep them on continuously with little worry.

What are the main types of aquarium light units?

Most of our aquarium light units can be affixed to any tank but our range of BiOrb light units are designed to be installed solely in other BiOrb products. The BiOrb aquarium light units are designed to fit into a slot at the top of the BiOrb and then plug into the rest of the BiOrb instead of being powered separately like our other aquarium light units.

What should I look for?

When buying an aquarium light unit, check that it's suitable for your aquarium and will be able to attach to your specific tank. Make sure to also take note of the Wattage as you will likely be running your aquarium light unit often and will need to pay for the power it uses.