Swell Goldfish Granules

Fantastic all-round coldwater granule

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  • Complete, nutritional goldfish food
  • Supports the immune and reproductive systems of your fish
  • Promotes fish vitality and aids growth
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What are Swell Goldfish Granules?

The Swell Coldwater Fish Granules are a complete balanced food designed for your small to medium-sized goldfish. This food will enhance your fish's colour and keep allows they to grow to their optimal size and stay at peak condition.

What are the benefits of these granules?

  • They contain crustaceans which are a natural colour enhancer allowing your fish to shine
  • Contains Soybeans which are an incredible source of protein for your fish and will allow them to grow to their full potential
  • Increases the fish's metabolic and immune systems allowing them to better fight off bacterial and parasitic diseases

How should I feed these granules to my fish?

Several times per day in small portions, only feeding the amount of food that can be consumed within a few minutes. Care needs to be taken to ensure that over feeding does not occur as this could have negative effects on your goldfish



Fish, wheat, soybean, crustaceans, yeast (beta-glucan 200mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 39%, crude fat 6%, ash 16%, crude fibre 3%, moisture 10%.

Nutritional constituents

Vit. A: 23.460UI/kg, Vit. D3: 1.400UI/kg, Vit. C: 423mg/kg., Vit. E: 90mg/kg

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