Refill Cartridges / Membranes

Refill cartridges and membranes help and advice

Keep your RO unit running smoothly

RO units are incredible pieces of aquarium hardware, but they have a lot of parts that must be constantly maintained to avoid a loss in efficiency and effective filtration. With our range of refill cartridges and membranes from leading brands like D&D and TMC, you can service your RO unit and ensure superb continual performance.

What are refill cartridges and membranes?

There are three parts of an RO unit that need to be regularly changed to ensure peak performance; the mechanical filter, the activated carbon and the membrane. As tap water passes through the RO unit at high pressure it can damage any of these layers or wear them down over time, lowering the overall effectiveness of the RO unit. To avoid a faulty RO unit it is important to regularly check the TDS of your RO water and replace both the cartridge, containing a mechanical filter and activated carbon, and the membrane.

Why should I buy refill cartridges and membranes?

If you've already invested in an RO unit, the cost of refill cartridges and membranes should be relatively low. It is key that your RO unit works at peak performance to protect your tank from toxins and algae encouraging minerals, the only way to ensure that is with a TDS monitor and regular refill cartridge and membrane changes.

What are the main types of refill cartridges and membranes?

We sell two products in this range, refill cartridges and membranes. Refill cartridges are made up of a mechanical filter (similar to a very dense sponge), which is used to remove any larger solids and silt from tap water, and activated charcoal, which removes many chemical impurities from the water. Membranes are a little more technical as they perform reverse osmosis (from which RO units get their name), this is the important filtration method that removes the majority of impurities and chemicals from the water.

What should I look for?

The important thing to look for when buying both refill cartridges and membranes is compatibility, you must ensure that the products you're buying are compatible with your RO unit to avoid disappointment. You may also find it useful to browse our range of remineralising additives and RO units pipework and fittings to get the most out of your RO unit.