TMC V2 Pure de-Ionisation Pod (500ml) inc resin

Improves your RO units total dissolved solids removal efficiency

At a glance...
  • De-Ionisation replacement pod for any TMC V2 Pure RO Unit
  • Removes harmful ions from your tap water
  • Helps to obtain a lower total dissolved solids reading
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The V2 Pure De-Ionisation Pod is an optional extra for any of the TMC V2 Pure RO units.

The pod improves the TDS (total dissolved solids) removal efficiency of the RO system, providing optimum water quality.

Sediments are trapped in the sediment filter cartridge and chemicals/contaminants are adsorbed onto the activated charcoal in the carbon filter. The DI resin removes the ions, to prevent them from clogging the RO membrane, which extends the life of the membrane.

To use, simply attach the Pod to the RO unit. Please note that it does not come with additional pipework. The Deionising Pod should be replaced when elevated TDS (total dissolved solids) levels are detected in the pure water exiting the unit.

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