Aquarium UV Bulbs

Aquarium UV bulbs help and advice

Protect your marine life from invasive pathogens

Aquarium UV bulbs fit into UV sterilisers, also known as germicidal UVs, which protect your marine life by purifying the water of harmful pathogens (such as disease-causing organisms and parasites) without harming the useful invertebrates that live in your tank. Whether you're looking for a replacement UV bulb or your first, you'll find plenty in our range of high-quality products from AquaEl and our own selection.

What are aquarium UV bulbs?

UV bulbs produce UV light which is on the blue side of the light spectrum and can be used to sterilise the water within a marine tank of pathogens that can seriously harm fish, invertebrates and plants.

Why should I buy aquarium UV bulbs?

While it's possible to use some water treatments to get rid of pathogens, it is normally damaging to delicate invertebrates like coral, anemones, snails and crabs. Aquarium UV bulbs clear the water of all pathogens without harming any of the invertebrates. As an added bonus, aquarium UV bulbs also make the water much clearer and easier to see through.

What are the main types of aquarium UV bulbs?

UV bulbs pretty much all do the same thing with a few differences in size, shape and Wattage. Check the UV steriliser you're using and the specific type of bulb it requires to avoid disappointment.