UV Sterilisers

UV sterilisers help and advice

Defend your marine tank against harmful pathogens

UV sterilisers, also known as germicidal UVs, rid water of dangerous pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and parasites, without harming any of the delicate marine life in your tank. Our range of UV sterilisers features top brands like Evolution Aqua, Fluval and TMC.

What are UV sterilisers?

UV sterilisers are units that can be hooked up to your aquarium via your filter hose, they pass water under a powerful UV light, purifying it and killing anything living in the water. UV sterilisers remove pathogens from the water, which can cause serious disease in fish, plants and invertebrates.

Why should I buy UV sterilisers?

If you are keeping a marine tank, UV sterilisers are a necessity to ensure the safety of your fish, plants and invertebrates. Unlike freshwater tanks, which can be treated with chemicals to protect the fish from pathogens, marine tanks often house delicate invertebrates, such as coral, anemones, snails and crabs, that can be killed by most chemical treatments. By using a UV steriliser you can ensure your invertebrate resident's safety while keeping your tank pathogen-free.

What are the main types of UV sterilisers?

All UV sterilisers do the same job, each has an inlet and an outlet and passes water from one to the other under a UV bulb, however, the speed with which the UV steriliser can do this and the Wattage of the UV steriliser can make some models more suitable for small tanks and others more suitable for much larger tanks.

What should I look for?

As you are looking at UV sterilisers, keep an eye on the flow rate, which will give you an indication of the amount of water the UV steriliser can sterilise in an hour, this is a good way to work out if it's powerful enough for your tank. Wattage is also an important consideration as a higher Wattage will be more costly to run, particularly if the UV steriliser you're considering runs non-stop, instead of in short bursts.