TMC Vecton Titan

A superb aquarium uv steriliser to prevent algae growth

At a glance...
  • Photocatalytic aquarium UV Steriliser for all aquarium types
  • Features Titan UV technology (1.3x more effective)
  • Opposing stepped hosetails for easy installation
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I can confidently say that the TMC Vecton is the next step forward in aquarium keeping. It protects my tank from algae, disease and much more.

What is the TMC Vecton Titan?

The TMC Vecton Titan range is made up of two UV sterilisers, featuring TMC's Vecton Titan UV technology. The technology within the Vecton Titan range makes it 1.3 times more effective than any other UV steriliser or UV lamp. The Vecton UV range is compatible with every type of aquarium and will help to protect your inhabitants from disease and algae growth, while also purifying the water. The Vecton Titan UV range also features opposing stepped hosetails for flexible hose, this makes them particularly easy to set up and incorporate into your wider aquarium setup. The stepped inlet and outlet will also glow a bright blue when the UV steriliser is active.

Why should I buy a Vecton Titan?

If you want the very best aquarium filter system, you need a UV steriliser. UV sterilisers are renowned within the aquatic community for producing crystal-clear aquarium water. While they are particularly good for combating algae, they are also great at removing diseases and protecting aquarium inhabitants. When it comes to the best in UV technology, the TMC Vecton Titan range is at the forefront of the field, offering 1.3 times more efficacy and efficiency. The built-in titanium panels act as a catalyst during the UV sterilisation process to ensure it kills bacteria and algae effectively.

What is a photocatalytic reaction and how does it help my aquarium?

All UV steriliser units use the process of oxidation to purify water by killing harmful bacteria and algae. Oxidation is the same process that causes metals to rust and ageing in plants and animals. The reaction can be sped up by concentrated UV exposure, which is how a standard UV steriliser works. However, the Vecton Titan UV range takes it a step further by adding a catalytic metal, titanium oxide, into the mix. Titanium oxide speeds up oxidation further when exposed to light, improving the efficiency of the TMC Vecton Titan by 1.3 times, compared to a standard UV filter system.

Which Vecton Titan model is right for me?

There are two models in the TMC Vecton Titan range, the TMC Vecton Titan 550 and the TMC Vecton Titan 850. Both models offer the same high standard of cleaning and purification, however, the TMC Vecton Titan 550 is designed for slightly smaller aquariums (up to 550 litres) while the 850 can be used in aquariums up to 850 litres. The rest of their spec follows suit, with the 850 being more powerful and consuming more power, while the TMC Vecton Titan 550 is more energy-efficient. Generally, we recommend picking the model that is best suited to the size of your aquarium, however, if you're aquarium size is close to the upper limit of the 550 you may still want to consider the 850.



Inlet/Outlet 1.5” BSP MT and 0.5”, 1” and 1.25” hosetail
Weight 2.5kg



Model Vecton Titan UV 550 Vecton Titan UV 850
Maximum Aquarium Size 550l 850l
Maximum Flow Rate 1650 lph 2550 lph
UV Lamp G15T8 G25T8
Total power consumption 17W 27W
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