The Benefits to LED Lighting

Save energy and money

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting is fast becoming the preferred choice for aquarists, as it uses less electricity than standard forms, lasts much longer and produces up to 80% more light than traditional fluorescent tubes.

It produces a deeper, purer light to support healthy plant growth, enhance natural colours and illuminate stunning marine life. The light seems to penetrate the deepest corners of the tank, showing off every aspect of the life within.

Traditional fluorescent lighting, whilst a long standing favourite, has some disadvantages. It emits heat, which can be transferred to the water, doesn’t have a long shelf life, and can easily be damaged both in transit and once it’s in situ in the aquarium.

LED lighting can be adjusted and dimmed to adapt to your own personal lighting schedule, and as it’s a compact, light, product it’s easier to transport, fit and maintain.

LED lighting also has the added bonus of creating a very realistic shimmer to the water. Replicating the natural effect of light upon the ocean, this ripple of light adds another depth to your aquarium.

Are there any drawbacks? Not really!

Upgrading your lighting may seem daunting, as LED lighting can be more costly than traditional forms at first.

Some models also require a separate controller or unit, which can add to the cost. However, manufacturers are quickly modifying their designs to make LED lights more affordable.

Arcadia have introduced the new Arcadia Classica T8 LED Lamp that simply pops into an existing T8 lamp unit. All you need to do is remove the end caps from the T8 tube and pop them on to the new strip, then fit into the T8 unit. That’s it! An upgraded lighting system which will save you money, time and energy without having to purchase a new light unit or hood.

These new LED lamps have an A* energy rating, provide 70% more light than standard T8 lamps and use 1/3 less electricity too – so you can illuminate your aquarium and save money.

With models using a colour temperature from a daylight 8,000K up to 25,000K for marine use, there is a Classica for you. It can be rotated and angled to highlight specific areas of the tank, for a personal touch.

And if you want the latest in retrofit LED lighting check out the Leddy range from AquaEl.

We have a great range of LED lighting here at Swell UK, suitable for a wide variety of uses. For more advice or information contact our dedicated sales team on 0161 351 4700


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    Is it posible to change the ligting to led using the existing hood .thanks

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