New Pro Series Koi Pellets from Swell UK

Leading online retailer Swell UK has launched two new premium Koi foods, just in time for summer 2021.

Named Swell Pro All-Season and Swell Pro Koi Growth pellets, the two diets are aimed at either year-round nutrition or summer growth spurts and are manufactured in small batches for optimum freshness. 

Pellets are the food of choice for koi keepers and discerning fish pond owners and Swell’s new pond recipes include premium white fishmeal, amino acids and either Spirulina or Carotenoids to promote shape, growth, colour and help support long term health.

Pro All Season can be fed year-round and in water temperatures down to 8 Celsius, making it a complete koi staple diet. Pro Koi Growth should be fed when water temperatures rise above 16C, and both diets include minerals and Koi clay to cleanse the digestive tract.

Swell Pro Series koi pellets come in two sizes – 2kg and 5kg. They are both also suitable for all other pond fish including goldfish varieties, Rudd, Orfe and other carp.

For availability and more nutritional information visit the website here.

Swell Pro Series are the perfect food for Koi

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