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  • Will prevent the growth of algae as they shift through the sand
  • Reef safe species that will not harm inverts or corals
  • Will grow to a maximum size of 8cm
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What is the Swell Chalk Goby?

The Chalk Goby is a very beneficial member of your reef aquarium as they will sift through the substrate which will prevent the growth of algae such as cyanobacteria which will lead to a healthier aquarium. Using its mouth and gills it will take mouthfuls of sand and expel them which helps it filter out tiny organisms and organic matter. They are a reef safe species as they will not harm corals or invertebrates but care must be taken if you want to house these with macroinvertebrates as due to their sifting ability they may harm or even eat the inverts. You should feed your Chalk Goby a mixture of live and frozen food such as brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and black worms, and these should be fed frequently. They can be either kept singularly or in small groups but they must be provided with lots of space to prevent them from being very territorial

How are these fish delivered to you?

The delivery time for your fish will be two working days if ordered before 2pm Monday - Thursday, and if you ordered after 2pm on a Thursday until Sunday then they should arrive with you by Tuesday. They will arrive in a polystyrene box and be bagged with oxygen which will allow them to stay packaged for up to 48 hours, if they are ordered during winter they will also come with heat pads for warmth. There is a one off £30 delivery charge regardless of how many fish you buy per order.

How do you acclimatise this fish to your aquarium

You need to carefully acclimate your fish when they arrive. To find out all this information and much more be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Buying Live Aquarium Fish Online

Scientific name Valenciennea sexguttata
Max size 8cm
Minimum Tank size 115 litres
Coral Safe? Yes
Invertebrate Safe? Yes
Care level? Moderate
Group Size? Single or small groups
Dietary Requirements Carnivorous
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