Cloverleaf Absolute Axolotl and Frog Diet

Sinking pellet food for amphibians including frogs, axolotl, toads and newts

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  • Sinking pellet food for frogs and axolotl
  • Protein rich in fish and shrimp
  • Baby and adult food available
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Axolotl and frog pellets have been specifically developed for bottom feeders.

What is Cloverleaf Absolute Axolotl and Frog Diet?

Cloverleaf Absolute Axolotl and Frog Diet is a high-protein fish and shrimp diet for all aquatic amphibians including frogs, toads, newts, axolotl and siren. This sinking pellet food is protein-rich and is specifically designed for bottom feeders. Cloverleaf Absolute Axolotl and Frog Diet come in two pellet sizes 2mm baby food and 4.5mm adult food. Each bag is resealable for maximum freshness.

What are the benefits of Absolute Axolotl and Frog pellet food?

This reptile food provides a nutrient mix comparable to livefood without the risk of parasites or bacteria. Absolute Adult Axolotl and Frog pellets rapidly become soft by absorbing water whilst retaining their desired shape and do not cloud your water. High protein sinking pellets also provide enrichment by encouraging your amphibians to use natural behaviours when feeding.

Feeding guide:

We recommend feeding twice daily at the amount your axolotl or frog will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid overfeeding.

Product Cloverleaf Absolute Adult Axolotl and Frog Diet 250g Cloverleaf Absolute Baby Axolotl and Frog Diet 100g
Pellet size 4.5 mm 2 mm
Pellet type Sinking Sinking
Bag size 250 g 100 g
Suitable for Adult axolotl and frogs Baby axolotl and frogs

Ingredients list:

Analysis: Ash 8.3 Protein 54% Fat 15 Crude Fibre 1.5 Calcium 1.6 Total P 1.19 Sodium 0.4

Vitamins added: Vitamin A (IE/kg) 11999 Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 732 Vitamin E (mg/kg) 240, Vitamin C (stable) (mg/kg) 675

Energy (Mj/kg): Gross Energy 21.1 Digestible Energy 17.9

Trace elements (mg/kg): Copper 5.5mg Iodine 5.5mg Iron 66mg Manganese 22mg Zinc 99mg

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