eSHa Protalon 707 Anti-Algae Treatment

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eSHa Protalon 707 is an effective anti-algae treatment, that ensures algae is safely eliminated from your aquarium, whilst ensuring live plants stay healthy.


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Product Information

This plant friendly algae treatment is perfect for all freshwater systems, coldwater and tropical, and will safely eliminate pesky algae from your aquarium, whilst not harming live plants at all - in fact, it helps them to grow!

Protalon 707 is effective against filamentous algae, beard algae, slime algae, black algae, suspended algae and a whole lot more, making this the only treatment you'll need to combat this unsightly pest.

This comes as two separately bottles, that work together to provide you with an effective algicide and plant boost in one treatment, whilst also ridding you of cloudy water, and all whilst being harmless to fish.

This 20ml bottle treats 300l.

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